9 AF/CC encourages safety, fun during summer season

Commanders Message

Commanders Message


 Summer is here with warmer weather, schools on summer break and more time to spend with family and friends. Many Airmen and families will be taking beach vacations, camping and hiking in the great outdoors, or just spending time in the backyard for a summer barbecue. As outdoor activities increase, it is critically important to remember the risks associated with many of these activities.

I challenge each Airman to use this time to relax and unwind from the stresses that come with being an Airman. Go “stretch your wings,” try new things, or just enjoy your favorite activities to the fullest, but do so recognizing the limits of your abilities. Be each other’s wingman and step in if you see something that doesn’t look right.

Remember, if you plan to drink alcohol, don’t drive. Have a plan to use a designated driver. Off-duty driving fatality mishaps primarily involve alcohol consumption, reckless driving or failure to use seatbelts. If you drink, don’t put yourself into one of those situations and use a DD.

I encourage supervisors to brief their Airmen and civilian employees of the hazards associated with holiday weekends and ways to avoid mishaps, proper use of seatbelts, and responsible use of alcohol. When traveling, make a plan, share your plan, and then stick to that plan.

Please enjoy this important and much-needed time of fellowship with family and friends, but make safety a priority. We need each and every Airman to execute our mission, so be safe this summer!