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Emerge, Leadership Moody 2018 kicks off

  • Published
  • By Airman Eugene Oliver
  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

The 2018 Emerge Moody and Leadership Moody courses began Aug. 18 with an initial meeting and team building rope course at Valdosta State University, Georgia.

Both programs consist of 20 selected officer and enlisted Airmen from an assortment of career fields -- both with the goal of cultivating better leaders, but where they differ is in their approach.

Emerge Moody’s goal is to nurture better leaders by taking an inside peek into the various mission sets around the installation to gain understanding of how everything works throughout Moody.

Having the ability to speak on various Air Force career fields besides their own will help participants become better leaders.

“I hope to be exposed to more leadership qualities,” said Tech. Sgt. John Johnson, 336th Recruiting Squadron standardization and training NCO and new student to Emerge Moody. “Knowing the bigger picture and how the Air Force operates is really big to me in recruiting. That way, I’m no longer sharing what I think about a particular [Air Force career field], but I’m telling them what I actually know.”

Leadership Moody is a program where participants gain knowledge from leaders throughout the local community by discussing what’s successful for them in a non-military environment and then utilizing those insights back in their units.

“I’m very excited, and the community really enjoys when we come out because they’re interested in what we do,” said Col. Jennifer Short, 23rd Wing commander. “One of our main priorities is to develop our leaders, so I hope this program helps us talk more, network more and ultimately make things happen on Moody”

In order for Moody to make things happen, it will have to be a full-team effort which is EM/LM’s ultimate goal.

“Most importantly, you get to take what you’ve learned back to people in your units that don’t have this opportunity,” Short said.

By the end of the nine-month curriculum, EM/LM course members will graduate with the ability to articulate what they’ve learned about Moody’s overall mission and use the insight gained through open discussion with local civilian leaders.

“This is a good tool for leaders to stay on top of their game and enhance not just their units, but also Airmen who they’re [around],” Johnson said. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be exposed to the many facets of Moody’s [overall] mission.”