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Team Moody, FBI partner for training

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Daniel Snider
  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

Members of Team Moody and the FBI partnered for roadside bomb and weapons of mass destruction training May 22 through 25.

The training showed the similarities and differences between the two bomb management teams.

“They’re bomb technicians; we’re EOD technicians,” said Master Sgt. Jason Kreisler, 23rd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight superintendent. “We’re one in the same, but they have a lot of procedures they do that we tend to not normally do as military EOD techs. We’ve had a lot of good learning opportunities our guys have been able to capture from [the FBI], and they’ve been able to learn some stuff from us as well.”

Kreisler went on to say training like this helps streamline the tactics, techniques and procedures used between the entities. The bulk of the exercise was spent walking through various learning points.

“This is not a unit we would normally have an opportunity to work and train with,” said Kreisler. “It’s good for our guys to see the transition from our initial response, identifying it as a [weapon of mass destruction], to the [FBI] showing up and managing the WMD.”

The exercise simulated procedures from first responders who then contacted appropriate units after assessing the potential threat and assisting the simulated victims of hazardous materials, trying to keep things as realistic as possible.

“If something was to happen here, EOD, the fire department and emergency management are going to be the first people to arrive,” said Matt Brogan, 820th Base Defense Group counter improvised explosive devices integrator. “Now, who they call after that is what they’re learning, so they met the [FBI] guy from Atlanta. He’s the next-in-line and will determine whether we push out the big teams for these threats.”

While they hope the situation never occurs, they believe every bit of training helps prepare the teams to work better together.

“I’d say the best part is building that relationship and understanding how the flow and process is going to work if this situation was to arise,” Kreisler said.