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ALSA Center helps support multi-service warfighters

  • Published
  • By Tetaun Moffett
  • 633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

When it comes to the support of warfighters, combat support and global sustainment operations, the Air, Land and Sea Application Center provides assistance through timely and relevant doctrine.

The ALSA is a multi-service organization that develops multi-service tactics, techniques and procedures, or MTTPs, across each service of the military to meet the immediate needs of the warfighter. 

The mission of the ALSA is to strategically establish tactical-level solutions for multi-service interoperability issues consistent with joint and service doctrine, which is governed by a Joint Actions Steering Committee comprised of senior leaders from the service doctrine centers.

ALSA maintains 33 MTTP publications on a three-year revision cycle that covers a wide-range of mission sets and functions. Each publication is broken down by branches: Air, Sea, Land, Space and Cyber.

“What our publications have is a list of best practices on how to accomplish tactical mission operations,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Gag Evert, ALSA Center action officer. “We are the link between individual warfighters, U.S. military community platforms and joint doctrine.”

According to Evert, each branch has multiple MTTPs, and the actions officers of that branch are actively in charge of them.

“We are the officers who bring all the working groups together in a joint environment, especially the tactical experts across the services, to facilitate discussions for the development and rewrite of the MTTPs,” Evert said.  “It’s the joint warfighter experts writing the publications, and the actions officers who act as facilitators.”

Although each service may have their own method of how to accomplish tactical missions, it is the joint publications that bring all the services together to perform various missions with a common language as a reference point.

“It’s about working together to eliminate the friction points between services during joint missions,” said U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Mark Peckham, ALSA Center action officer “What we produce are methods for operators out in the field to actually do their jobs and work with other services.”

According to Peckham, executing operational missions successfully is a priority and the validation comes from how well each service works together in accordance with the guidelines provided within the publications.

“This summer, we will be working on another MTTP that focuses on fighter integration,” Evert said. “The premise for this new MTTP aims to provide practices for fourth and fifth-generation fighter integration standards. This will include F-22 Raptors from JBLE and other fighter platforms from the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps to have a common reference point on executing fighter air-to-air tactics.”

In addition, Evert said ALSA is very active in communicating information about the center throughout the joint military community. Twice a year, ALSA publishes a bulletin that is designed to inform the warfighters on recent developments in warfighting concepts, issues and service interoperability. The ASLA bulletin provides a cross-service flow of information among that is provided to brigades, groups, battalions and squadrons across the services.

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